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Assign Emails to Customers

On the Communications page, you can see that emails are assigned to different customers of yours. 

After emails are assigned in YayPay, you can see the email(s) either via the EMAILS tab of the Customer - scroll down towards the bottom of the Statement page:

or via the Communications page, with the appropriate labels associated with the email:

How does Email Assignment work

  1. In a newly received email, YayPay looks at the email sender and tries to find a customer which also has the same email address listed as one of the contacts
  2. If the email was sent from YayPay to a Customer, all the replies to this email will be assigned to the same Customer
  3. If you have multiple customers using the same email address as a contact, the email will only be assigned to the first customer with the same email contact that YayPay encounters or finds
  4. If no email contacts are found, and the Business Setting "Email - Look at email body to associate emails to customers" is enabled/turned on, YayPay will attempt to look for the contact also in the body of the email, and assign the email to the first customer the platform finds with the same email address.
  5. If nothing is found in steps 2, 3, and 4 - the email message will remain unassigned i.e. on the Communications page, no Customer name will appear for the message ("not assigned")


YayPay will exclude all emails with the domains configured in the "Exclude Domains" parameter located in the Settings > Email page. (refer to for more information). 

List all the domains separated by a comma that you would like YayPay to ignore during the syncing process.

For example, if you configured in the Exclude Domains section, emails that came from this domain will not be synced.

If you include your colleagues as contacts on the customer record in YayPay (i.e. their email addresses bear your company domain), there is a possibility from time to time that their emails will not be assigned correctly. This is a scenario in which to use the Exclude Domains feature to filter out your company domain.

Manual Email Assignment

It is also possible for you to manually assign or re-assign emails to a Customer record in YayPay. 

Click on the specific message shown on the Communications page. In the message detail that is shown to the right, click on the 3 dots located at the top right corner, and choose the "Assign customer" menu item

You will be prompted to choose the customer(s) from the list to assign/associate the email to:

Assign Customer to Email with Customer Level Custom Field

You can also assign a customer to an email with the help of a customer level custom field in the Settings > Email section. Configure using IMAP/API for receiving emails:

Values from the custom field (selected from the available dropdown list) will be used to link inbound emails to corresponding customers. Each value must be unique for the customer to avoid flaws.

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