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Set up IMAP connection (for Inbound emails)

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an Internet Protocol to allow email clients, like YayPay, to communicate with an email service, such as Gmail.

To fetch incoming email responses sent to your AR Mailbox, e.g. hosted on Gmail, go to Settings| Email| Inbound email in YayPay, and set the following parameters:

  1. Check Use IMAP / API for receiving emails.
  2. Protocolimap or imaps.

  3. Host – Address of the host, for example .

  4. Port – Required port number, for example 143 or 993.

  5. Username / Password – Enter the same credentials as in the Outgoing emails section.

  6. Load period (months) – Specify the time frame for synchronizing received emails from your AR mailbox. For example, if you set this option to 3, up to 3 months old emails will be synced. If set to 0, no emails from your AR mailbox will be synced.

    If this is the first time you want to sync emails that were received in the past, i.e. value other than 0, please contact YayPay support or a YayPay representative to help you to initiate the email syncing.

  7. Use TLS– set as specified by your IT department Infrastructure Team or e-mail service provider. Optional security setting.

  8. Specify your Inbox Folder (Inbox by default). For more information, see the Using Subfolders (in your designated PDF email Inbox) article.

  9. Exclude Domains – if you specify a domain that should be excluded, emails that came from this domain will not be synced.

  10. Customer level custom field– Enter customer level custom fields. Values from these field will be used to link inbound emails to corresponding customers. Each value must be unique.

  11. Click on the Save and send test connection button to test the connection. If the parameters are configured correctly, a successful message will be shown at the top of the page. No email will be sent to your personal email inbox for inbound email Settings.


In addition, if you review the status section under Inbound emails after email sync has taken place, the last sync date and status should reflect the last sync point when YayPay connected to your AR mailbox:

owever, if you see that the last sync status is FAILED and the  “[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure)” error message is displayed, you can refer to Common / Known Issues with Gmail Setup article or the collection of Google Support articles. 

Google Support recommends a few actions such as turning on the option to allow less secured apps to connect, and/or to check for an App Password for Gmail accounts that have 2-Step Verification turned on.

As and when your Customers respond or send their emails to your AR Mailbox, YayPay will fetch those emails into the platform (using the Customer Contacts as a means to identify and associate the Inbound email to the Customer). In YayPay, you can either use:

  • The Communications menu to view inbound messages sent from all customers OR 
  • The Statement Page is where you will find emails specific to the Customer. There is a tab called EMAILS at the bottom of the Statement page

As a reference: If you looked at the Inbox of your Mailbox, you will also find the same Inbound email(s) sent by your customers to the Mailbox.Set

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