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How is data affected when the connector sync with your ERP is paused/resumed?

First, you should distinguish between the disconnection and pause of the synchronization process:

  • When the sync process is in progress, clicking on the DISCONNECT button does not stop the sync process. The sync task will anyway continue till the end to sync all the AR data from the last modified date to the point of sync start.
  • Unlike disconnection, pausing the connector stops the sync process. To continue it, resuming (unpausing) is required.


After unpausing, the sync process will be continued not immediately after clicking the UNPAUSE button, but when its turn comes within the processor queue.

When the synchronization process is resumed, the AR data begin to sync starting from where the process was stopped.


After unpausing the connector sync, the resumed process will incorporate data falling within the period from the last modified date to the "current" moment, the "current" moment being the point of sync start (before pausing!).

If you update any AR data during the pause period, after unpausing and letting the sync process finish, you should launch another sync in order to have all your documents updated.

Also remember, that the data updated during the pause period will not be involved in the Workflows/Global Rules run. 

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