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Changing a Payment Provider

This article provides instructions for preparing and reconfiguring YayPay when changing a payment provider for invoice payments or auto pay arrangements.

To change a payment provider in YayPay, do the following:

  1. Go to the Aging Report page and pause all payment modes, i.e. select all the companies in the grid, click on the Set payment type icon above the grid and select the Pause all option.
    This will prevent any payment attempts through the Customer Portal web page using the old payment provider.

  2. Optionally, on the Aging Report page, you can send a group email notifying your customers that they will not be able to make payments through the Customer Portal web page for a short period while the payment provider is changed. However, they will still be able to access and review their online statements.

  3. Go to Settings | Payments/Credits and disconnect YayPay from the old payment provider.

  4. On the same page, edit or enter the new merchant credentials provided by the new payment provider.

  5. Save the new settings and press Connect to establish a connection with the payment gateway of the new payment provider.



    For more detailed information on configuring different payment providers in YayPay, see the corresponding sections in this guide.

  6. Select an invoice to test the invoice payment functionality. This is similar to when you initially set up your original payment provider in YayPay.
    If the test payment is successful, you can review it using Payments Reports. The test payment can also be pushed from YayPay to your ERP through pre-built reverse integration, for example to NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Sage X3, etc.
    Alternatively, you can consult with your IT department regarding the extraction results. They may have developed and implemented a specific retrieval process to import payment information from YayPay into your ERP.
  7. Inform your customers to create and save new payment account profiles on the Customer Portal web page. 
    The new payment provider will tokenize these profiles to enable payments through the YayPay platform. This means that sensitive information, such as credit card details, will be replaced with a unique identifier called a token. This token acts as a reference to the actual payment information, which is securely stored by the payment provider.

  8. Once ready, go to the Aging Report page to resume all previously paused payment modes, and send a customer communication email notifying end customers that they can make payments as normal again.

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