Customer Support Service-level Agreement

All Quadient AR cases will be prioritized to allow Technical Support to better understand the urgency of our customers' issues. If the Technical Support Analyst feels that the priority of the case should change, the Technical Support Analyst will reprioritize the case. Quadient AR reserves the right to:

  1. Make the final determination on the severity level of the case.
  2. Downgrade the priority of a case and notify a Customer of this action if a Customer fails to communicate with YayPay Technical Support in a timely manner YayPay shall make reasonable commercial efforts to comply with the following guidelines when involved in problem resolution.

Supported Support Channels

Email - support@yaypay.com

Standard Support Hours

Monday 8:00AM to Friday 8:00PM EST (On-Call After-Hours for P1 - CRITICAL cases)

Priorities and Response SLA's

Response times assume the request came in during Standard Support Hours. Response times refer to initial case triage and assignment.

Priority 1 (P1) - CRITICAL 

Response SLA - 2 Business Hours 

  • Data Breaches or Data Leakage Reports, including reports of the potential security issues, data sent to the wrong person, and/or customer statement link shared with the incorrect person.
  • YayPay Application or API (Consistent 5xx Error for more than 1 customer) is down or unresponsive across the entire install base (Environment).
  • A system workflow is halted and/or there is a severe impact on the customer’s ability to communicate with a particular customer(s) in the workflow.
  • Mass email delivery is sending incorrect data, including invoice PDF’s.
  • One or more of the software components are not working for most of the customers:
    1. Aging Report
  • Global Search
    1. Dashboard
    2. Collection Workflows
    3. Customer Portal
  • Product Bug that is blocking system usage and that does not have a workaround.
  • ERP Sync for all customers of 1 ERP is not syncing for more than 24 hours.

Priority 2 (P2) - HIGH

Response SLA - 4 Business Hours

  • User access issues (password reset, changing user role, enabling/disabling users).
  • Reconciliation Errors (AR Data reconciliation between ERP system and Quadient AR system).
  • Invoice PDF issues (Incorrect PDF’s generated, not all Invoice PDFs are retrieved from the ERP system).
  • Customer Payments are not processed as expected.
  • Email Connection Errors (SMTO/IMAP or API)
  • Product Bug that does not have a workaround, but system is usable.
  • SalesForce Connector is not working as expected.
  • Credit Inquiry Services in Quadient AR is not working (Dun & Bradstreet, CreditSafe).

Priority 3 (P3) - MEDIUM

Response Time - 8 Business Hours 

  • BI (Business Intelligence) Module Issues
  • General Product Questions
  • Training Requests
  • System Configuration Questions (Configuration changes would be a Services request)
  • Special Reports and/or Data Retrieval requests.
  • Any issue that is on the client’s side or vendor, where we are only providing consulting.

Priority 4 (P4) - LOW.

Response Time - 12 Business Hours

  • Request for Information
  • 'How to' Questions
  • Any other items not included in the prior priorities.



Feature Requests are not assigned priorities or SLA's as they are not Technical Support Issues, these are Product and Development issues to be reviewed, prioritized and worked. Not all feature request will be worked on or considered for development.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for feature requests and updates. 

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