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GoCardless Payments and Integration


GoCardless is an online payment service that can integrate with your YayPay Account to process payments via ACH only. All currencies are supported.



GoCardless does not process payments via credit cards!

How to set up GoCardless

To set up GoCardless payment integration please follow the steps below: 

1. Go to Settings> Payments/Credits

2. Scroll down until you see the GoCardless tab:

3. Click SET UP 

4. If you already have a GoCardless account click on Login


5. In the new window you will have GoCardless login page opened. Enter your login credentials: E-mail, Password and check the box "I agree to the Connected Merchant Agreement" (you can read the agreement by following the link - click on the blue text Connected Merchant agreement)

6. Click the Connect account button  



Adding a subdomain‍ to your YayPay URL after configuring GoCardless may cause your GoCardless configuration to stop working. If that happens, contact YayPay Support (support@yaypay.com) to redirect your configuration to the new subdomain.

How to connect GoCardless

Go back to YayPay app and click Connect in the GoCardless tab on the Payments/Credits settings page 

"Process USD transactions" setting

After the connection, you will have the Edit button appear in the tab, by clicking it you can reconnect with updated credentials and also use the checkbox: Process USD transactions. 

When the checkbox is:

enabled - all bank payments are made through GoCardless

disabled - only non-USD bank payments are made through GoCardless 

If GoCardless is connected alone, it will process only non-USD or all currencies, depending on the above setting.

Direct Debit Excel Mapping

Using the Excel Mapping functionality in YayPay, you can create AutoPayment plans for your customers paying via GoCardless.

1. Having GoCardless connected in YayPay, go to Settings > Excel Mapping

2. Select Direct Debit Excel Mapping option from the Mapping Excel Type list

3. Click Download Current Mapping. During the first downloading you get an Excel file template. 

4. Edit the file.

5. Upload it using the SELECT FILE button.

6. AutoPayment plans for customers are created. The uploaded file will be downloaded as current next time.

Note: If a customer already has an AutoPayment plan in YayPay, the plan uploaded via Direct Debit Excel Mapping will replace the existing one.

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