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Paya Payments and Integration


Using Paya you can pay both by credit card and ACH. 

While credit card payments via Paya are available in all currencies (USD and non-USD), ACH payments can be submitted only in USD.

How to set up Paya

1. Go to Settings > Payments/Credits > PAYA section 

2. Click SET UP

3. Populate the Gateway URL:  https://api.payaconnect.com/v2
4. Populate the rest of the mandatory fields obtained from the payment provider

Gateway URL, API key, User id, Summary commodity code, Commodity code, User Hash, Dev id, Location id are your Paya credentials.

Product Transaction id CC, Product Transaction id ACH, Product Transaction id ACH (WEB): can be left empty. In this case, the payments will be obtained by the default merchant.

If it is required that the payments are received by a different merchant, or you wish to set up merchants for different payment types (CC, ACH, ACH (WEB)), enter the respective Product Transaction id fields (obtained from Paya).

4. Click SAVE

How to connect Paya

Once you set up Paya payment service provider, you can connect to it on the Integrations page: go to Settings > Payments/Credits and find Paya in the PSPs list.


After this, the "DISCONNECT" button appears, which can be used to disconnect Paya.

Ability to work along with other PSPs

Being a primary payment service provider, Paya can be connected along with any of the secondary PSPs.

For a detailed description of how Paya (primary PSP) works when connected simultaneously with other PSPs, see the links below:

1) Paya + NMI

2) Paya GoCardless

3) Paya Flywire

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