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Aptean Payments and Integration

To be able to configure and use the Aptean Pay payment service provider, contact your account manager.


Using Aptean Pay you can pay by credit card only. All currencies are supported. 


How to set up Aptean 

1. Go to Settings > Payments/Credits > Aptean Pay section 

2. Click SET UP 

3. Populate the fields 


4. Click SAVE


How to connect Aptean 

Once you set up the Aptean Pay payment service provider, you can connect to it on the Integrations page: go to Settings > Payments/Credits and find Aptean in the PSPs list. 


After this, the DISCONNECT button appears, which can be used to disconnect Aptean. 


Ability to work along with other PSPs 

Being a primary payment service provider Aptean can be connected along with any of the secondary PSPs. This may be required for providing bank transfer options to your customers along with credit card payments (via Aptean).

For a detailed description of how Aptean works when connected simultaneously with other PSPs, see the links below: 

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