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Payments - Overview

Payment providers and YayPay

YayPay allows the processing of Credit Card and ACH payments for your end-customers using one of several merchant Payment Processors YayPay partners and works with. Approach your YayPay Sales or Account Representative for more information on how to get started with this process with a Processor, supported by a merchant application for underwriting purposes.

At the end of the Merchant application process, you will receive your Merchant credentials and Payment Gateway information from the Processor, which generally includes parameters such as the following (this is a sample, it will differ from each Payment Processor):

  • Gateway URL
  • API key
  • Merchant id
  • Commodity Code
  • Username 
  • Password
  • Location id

Apply this information to configure YayPay which will activate the payment features in the platform also. Your YayPay Account Management and Onboarding Team will be copied when this information is sent to you,

The Merchant/Payment Gateway information provided to you is configured in the Settings > Integrations page of YayPay.

Once the platform is configured with the appropriate credentials and connected to the Payment Gateway, the payment-related features summarized below would be items that you will do a short test. 



Not all payment providers are available in every country. Therefore, the information provided here may not always be applicable or relevant to your specific location.

Using YayPay for Payments

Your end-customers can either pay themselves using their Customer Portal, or you (as part of the AR/Finance Team) can enter the payment details on behalf of your end-customer via the internal Statement Page of the customer. 

Payment Controls and Settings in YayPay

YayPay provides various settings and controls to help your collections/payment process (and in turn, your end customer's payment experience). 

You can:

  • Use the Aging Report to pause and/or resume different Payment Methods for your end-customers, allowing you to decide if they can pay via Credit Card, ACH or both
  • Enable your end-customers to make partial payments with reasons
  • Enable your end-customers to setup auto-payments and recurring payments through their portal
  • Set restrictions for customers paying with a credit card (e.g. by a certain cut off date), or limit the credit card payments per invoice, per transaction, per day, etc

Learn about these and other settings in the Payment Settings section.

Integration of Payment Information from YayPay to ERP

YayPay can also send payment information to your ERP system for the purpose of allocating or recording invoice payments. This eliminates the need to manually enter the information.

For information and step-by-step instructions on how to configure and set up pre-built ERP integrations, refer to the corresponding articles in the Integrations Tutorial section. These articles will outline the prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before YayPay can push and integrate successful payment transactions into the ERP system.

You can also use the /manual-transactions endpoint which is a part of the available YayPay's API to retrieve payment information. It is important to consider how this information is created in your ERP system. For example, you may want to create and store transactions in a separate account which is typically referred to as an undeposited funds account or a holding account until the bank deposits are processed.

If you plan to build your own integration via YayPay’s API, see the Payment through API section.


If your ERP allows for a manual data import, you could adapt and reuse the payment information generated via YayPay's Payment Report as an import file. 

This Report shows payments captured through YayPay, aggregated by the customer, or by each invoice as well as declined payment attempts, and you may be able to tweak the file to suit the upload to your ERP.

YayPay Payment Features

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